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A walk in the park with Sherlock

We have been incredibly blessed with beautiful weather here in Cheltenham. Almost every day this week, we have had temperatures around 70 F, with lots of lovely sun. Because of this gorgeous weather, Dr. Calhoun decided (with student encouragement) that our class would meet in a park this morning. We were quite excited!

Cheltenham 4 006

The setting was beautiful, and it was nice not to be cooped up in a stuffy classroom. However, traditional English weather decided to play some tricks on us. Instead of the sunny 70s, and the temperature dipped down into the high 50s, with an intermittent breeze and a thick layer of rain-heavy clouds. We still had class outside, but because many of us had dressed for considerably warmer weather, we were released for the day considerably earlier than usual.

The highlight of my day came not when class got out early, but as we were walking to class. Our route takes us directly past Spencer’s Café, where some of us ate lunch on Sunday. We had heard rumors that the film crew from the BBC show Sherlock had filmed at the café several weeks ago, but we had no confirmation. This morning, however, we received our proof.


Our usual path was blocked by several people in fluorescent vests, lots of equipment, and some camera men. That’s right – the Sherlock film crew was back. As soon as we realized what was going on, we stopped dead in our tracks with looks of awe and amazement on our faces. (And yes, we girls fell into fits of excited giggles. It was pretty silly.) One of the men standing near the camera with a look of authority on his face (I think he may have been the director) saw our looks of wonderment and chuckled at us. I sort of wanted to stick around to see if Benedict Cumberbatch or Martin Freeman were on the set anywhere, but we had to get to class. Regardless, it was still super exciting!


For lunch, I had a chicken tikka ‘toastie’. Toasties are essentially what Americans would call paninis. However, the English also have their paninis. Here, paninis tend to be made on baguettes, whereas toasties are made on traditional “square” bread. Chicken tikka is available in almost every cafe you visit. This variant of British Indian food was my first exposure to the cuisine. It resembled chicken salad, except it was made with curry and a tomato cream sauce; the curry added a rich, complex flavor to the dish. I definitely want to find a recipe for this, so I can make it upon coming home. :)

Tomorrow, our Cedarville group will take our first field trip! We shall travel to Stratford-upon-Avon, to see Hamlet performed in Shakespeare’s hometown! Since Shakespeare is fabulous, and Hamlet is one of my favorite plays, I’m super duper stoked.

That’s about all I have for the night. Cheers!


PS – In England, the term “cheers” does not always refer to drinking. (I haven’t participated in any drinking in this country, so I don’t actually know if they say it in that context…) Instead, “cheers” is a term one says instead of “see you later” or “have a good day”. Clerks and cashiers in shops frequently use the term.


Our first Sunday in Cheltenham! How exciting! This is the first time I’ve been outside of the US and have been able to choose my own Sunday activities, so I was excited to join a group of Cedarville students and walk down to a local church. We visited Trinity Cheltenham, which meets in a beautiful restored church building. Listening to the message, and looking at the website, I’m still a bit fuzzy on where they stand theologically, but was obvious that the people attending the service loved Jesus.  I was really encouraged to see that the church had a lot of outreach programs.


It seemed like a juxtaposition, to have the drums and band set up where the altar usually stands.

Worship consisted of a contemporary band (like at Cedarville), but some of the songs were a little different. My favorite was a kids song, which the congregation sang just before the little ones were released to children’s church. One of the verses went something like this: “God is big and God is great,/ He’s so fab and He’s my mate.” I love hearing all these British terms, especially when we get to use them to worship our awesome God. :D

After church, our group had lunch at Spencer’s Café. For all of you fans of the BBC drama Sherlock, keep an eye open for Spencer’s when you watch the upcoming the third season – apparently a crew was filming some scenes here just a couple of weeks ago.

Cheltenham 2 003

The food was delicious. I had a brie and cranberry baguette panini. Oh man. I think it was the best grilled cheese sandwich I’ve ever eaten. (But that also has something to do with the fact that brie is my favorite cheese….)

 Cheltenham 2 001

We relaxed for a while after lunch, and then took an outing to Sandford Park. This part of Cheltenham was especially beautiful, full of lovely trees and well-kept lawns.

Cheltenham 2 004

We chose this spot to spend about two hours, reading and writing and doing some preparatory homework.

We chose this spot to spend about two hours, reading and writing and doing some preparatory homework.

The locals were also enjoying the gorgeous weather. We saw lots of people on bicycles, as well as a group of guys playing cricket.

Cheltenham 2 007

We took the scenic route home, and had the chance to interact with some locals…

Cheltenham 2 012

Overall, it was a lovely, relaxing Sunday.