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The other day, I mentioned that I have a few surprise posts coming up for all of you lovely readers out there….well, here’s the first one!


We have been able to sample quite a variety of foods, here in Polska, and personally, I have enjoyed every one of them. Here’s a list of some of my favorites:


Although we’ve only had pierogies once so far, they were extremely delicious…much better than the ones at home. One of the principal reasons for that is probably the fact that these were sweet pierogies. Instead of being filled with meat, potato or cabbage, these were filled with a sweet, ricotta-like cheesey deliciousness.The red sauce you can see is made from strawberries, and was equally delicious. We’re definitely going to have to make these at home sometime.

Next on the list:

Lunch!One of the biggest differences between IMS and IV LO (Monika’s school)  is that IV LO doesn’t really provide lunches. Hence, every day, my super-fantastic-amazing host family packs me a delicious lunch. We’ll start at the bottom. Here we have kanapki, or sanwiches. These particular sandwiches feature cheese, leaves of red basil, and a delightfully cheesy bread.

Next we have Fantasia yogurt. When you peel open the package, you see two compartments. The larger one is filled with seemingly ordinary vanilla yogurt. Actually, I suppose the yogurt is fairly ordinary. But that’s not the point! What makes it special is the additive in the other, smaller compartment! Sometimes this is fruit jelly, sometimes it is cereal pieces, and sometimes (like today) it is teeny-tiny malted milk balls. SO YUMMY.

Finally, at the top of the luncheon pyramid comes the sweet. In today’s example, a Prince Polo bar plays this role. The Prince Polo bar is a rather complex food. It features several sweet wafers, with layers of chocolate (and something else? possibly nutella) in between them. Covering the entire bar is a layer of delicious chocolate. Our group LOVES these bars. But not quite as much as we love….

Ice CreamPolish ice cream is absolutely, indescribably incredible. Richer than any American ice cream, it is extremely affordable and widely available. Our group rarely goes a day without it. And isn’t it pretty? The flavors vary widely…you can find everything from the standard chocolate and vanilla to the more exotic watermelon, coconut, Milky Way and 3-Bit (which is some candy bar that we don’t even have in the States). Polish ice cream reminds one very much of gelato in its richness and consistency…but still, it’s different. It actually beats Yotty’s ice cream. By something like 5 kilometers.

Honorable mention:

Alright, I admit, I have yet to try this Polish delicacy. (In fact, I don’t know actually know what the correct Polish name for it is…) We were on our way to our daily activity today, I saw these in the window of a bakery and I had to take a picture. These little delights very strongly resemble kolatzskis, which are amazing pastries made by my mom and her side of the family.

Well, that’s the first surpise. I hope you enjoyed it! Stay tuned for more…. :)