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Getting to know you, Part 3 – Jess

Name: Jess Miller
Age : 16 (while in Poland)
Favorite movie: Remember the Titans
Currently reading: Ophelia
Who is your host sibling? Amel
Do your host parents speak English? No

What has/have been your favorite experience(s) so far? Ice cream trips
What are you most looking forward to seeing/doing while in Poland? All of us dancing at our private dance lesson, because that will be funny to watch. :)
What is your favorite Polish phrase to say and why? “Przeprasham” [excuse me/I’m sorry] or “Nie” [no], because I feel really cool.
Up to this point, what has been your favorite Polish food? Ptasie mlecke – they’re chocolate candies
What is one thing you’d love to bring home from Poland but can’t? Magda [a really kind girl at school], because she’s really cool, or the Manufaktura
What will you miss most about Poland? Walking around so much.
What is your favorite (English) word?  Giggle
What is your dream career? Doing service projects in a pleasantly warm climate (preferably near the beach)
If you had a theme song, what would it be?  ??