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Our second day

(Written on the evening of 29 May 2013)

Hello, lovelies! Today has been swell. Most of us had largely recovered from our jet lag by this morning, which was a huge blessing. (It helps that many of us were able to get around 8 or 9 hours of sleep ;) )

Today was our first outing as a group – a trip to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. It was amazing. When we first arrived, we had a tour of the theatre, and learned fascinating background information from our ever-so-kind tour guide. The original Globe Theatre stood from 1599 to 1613, and though it was the same size as the current theatre, the audience held about 3,000 people. The original Globe burnt down in 1613, after an unfortunate accident involving a cannon and the thatched roof during a performance. This more modernized Globe was built in 1997, closer to the Thames River, and holds only about 1,110 audience members. The new Globe, however, lacks nothing in historical value and sheer amazingness. A large portion of the audience (the Groundlings) still stands directly in front of the stage like an Elizabethan mosh pit. The theatre is still built in the round, with seats available even from almost behind the stage. This unique perspective (and excellent acoustics) allows for some unique acting methods – the actors are able to face any direction on the stage, and still be heard as well as seen by much of the audience. The location of the Groundlings also gives the actors a chance to interact with the audience – something rarely seen in modern productions.

Outside the globe

Outside the globe

Inside the Globe

Inside the Globe

We were privileged to watch the Globe’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It was an absolutely fantastic rendition. The director stayed true to Elizabethan style, and the play was still completely understandable, relatable, and hilarious. Many elements (including the fairies’ lullaby to Titania, and the introduction of Bottom’s troupe of actors) included musical and rhythmic sequences which were delightfully unexpected. Overall, the show was excellent. If you’re going to London this summer, you most definitely should check it out!

After the Globe, my friend Regan and I swung by the Tower Bridge to take some photos. Though the Tower of London itself was closed, we also stopped by and got our picture with one of the Yeoman guards (affectionately referred to as “beefeaters”). He was very kind, and asked us some about our trip. We learned that he was originally from Cheltenham, and we got some nice advice about places to go. Huzzah for wonderful British people!

London 2 079

The Tower Bridge

The Tower of London

The Tower of London, where lots of people (including Mary Queen of Scots) were held prisoner and later beheaded, and where lots of other people (like Queen Elizabeth I) were only held prisoner, and not beheaded. This building is no longer a prison, and now holds the crown jewels.

London 2 134

After visiting the Tower, Regan and I had some fish & chips for dinner. Then, we hopped on the tube and traveled to Earl’s Court Station to find the only Police Box in London. (For the unfamiliar – on the TV show Doctor Who, the Doctor travels in a time machine called the TARDIS, which looks like a Police Box.) After taking our photos, we headed back to the hostel for some much-needed rest.

Yes, it's total tourist food. But it was crazy delicious!!

Yes, it’s total tourist food. But it was crazy delicious!!

The TARDIS! (Unfortunately, I don't think this one was bigger on the inside...)

The TARDIS! (Unfortunately, I don’t think this one was bigger on the inside…)

Overall, day two was quite wonderful. God is awesome! We have yet to get ourselves completely lost, and friendships continue to develop between people on the trip.

Thank you so much for your prayers!