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Getting to know you, Part 6 – Taylor (me)

Name: Taylor Fulton
Age : 17
Favorite movie: White Christmas or The Princess Bride
Currently reading: The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas
Who is your host sibling? Monika
Do your host parents speak English? Yes
What have been your favorite experiences so far? Getting to know so many new people (who are all so kind!), getting my passport stamped in Frankfurt, and simply being able to see Europe firsthand.
What are you most looking forward to seeing while in Poland? Zelazowa Wola, Frederic Chopin’s birthplace.

What is your favorite Polish phrase to say and why? “Trochę rozumiem po polsku,” [I understand a little Polish], because whenever I say it, people tend to smile, and three times people have told me that my accent is good.
Up to this point, what has been your favorite Polish food? Sweet pierogies, and (of course) ice cream.
What is one thing you’d love to bring home from Poland but can’t? My host family, and all of the new friends I’ve made. Oh, and the gorgeous old brick buildings.
What will you miss most about Poland? The people, the food, and walking everywhere. And being surrounded by so much history!!
What is your favorite (English) word?  Antidisestablishmentarianism
What is your dream career? Something where I could spread the Gospel, help people and be somehow involved in medicine while still being able to read a lot and spend time with my family. :)
If you had a theme song, what would it be? Eyes by Stellar Kart

Getting to know you, Part 5 – Marcus

Name: Marcus Miller
Age :  ??
Favorite movie:   Remember the Titans or Hoosiers
Currently reading:  “Gulliver’s Travels by Johnathan Swift because I finished all other books I brought with me.”
Who is your host sibling? Anjelika
Do your host parents speak English?  host father – no,  host mother – a little

What has/have been your favorite experience(s) so far?   the Jewish tour of Lodz
What are you most looking forward to seeing/doing while in Poland?  “Just excited about the whole trip”
What is your favorite Polish phrase to say and why?   ”głumpka” (stuffed cabbage) -” I just think it sounds neat”

Up to this point, what has been your favorite Polish food?  a soup Anjelika’s mother made one day
What is one thing you’d love to bring home from Poland but can’t?   “one of those cute little cars” [Smart cars]
What will you miss most about Poland?  ??
What is your favorite (English) word?   ”I’m always amazed by the word awkward…it’s spelled awkwardly.”

What is your dream career?  Teaching at IMS, or being a diplomat
If you had a theme song, what would it be? combination of Bruce Springsteen’s Thunder Road and Beethoven’s 6th


The last two days have been eventful, and yet uneventful. (Although I suppose most bloggers just write about routine things…what should stop me?)
Yesterday we visited the Manufaktura, one of the largest shopping centers in Europe. Although it wasn’t the first time we’d been there, it was the first time we had walked around the entire complex. Wow, that place is enormous! It was built in the mid-1800′s by Izrael Poznanski, and they held his factories. But there weren’t just factories there; besides housing the typical looms and printing presses of a factory, the complex also had a fire station, a store and flats for the workers to live in. Also, the way the factory was built was very different from the way most factories are built. A good portion of the brickwork is decorative – Poznanski wanted his factory to be beautiful. (and he most definitely succeeded! Look at these pictures – sorry that they all look so similar.)

The complex was completely rennovated (meaning returned to its original beauty) about four years ago – that’s why it’s so pretty.

I digress…enough with history! Let me tell you what we actually did yesterday!

We walked around the Manufaktura complex, and then were able to buy some souviners. Next, we visited what resembled a Children’s Museum in the tower part of the Manufaktura. This was fun, and we learned about science and Ancient Egypt there. I liked it. :) After this, we went to the Museum of the Factory, where we learned all of the information that I wrote up at the top of this post (plus quite a lot more!). Our tour guide was quite nice and helpful, and his English was very good.  It was fascinating!

Today we gave our presentation about the USA at the school, four separate times. For three of those times, we sang Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing in 3-to-4-part harmony. I think the Polish students were really impressed…it was fun :) Afterwards, there was time for the students to ask questions. We had some nice conversations about Polish and American societies, and made a few friends as well.

Well, I should probably be going. Monika & I (along with the other Americans and their siblings) are off to the Filharmonia (philharmonic) tonight! I’ll try to post some pictures of it tomorrow.



It’s official…

…I’m going to Poland. I got the call from World Link on the Tuesday before finals week, and we called them back the next Tuesday confirming that I’m going. I’m really excited about heading overseas, especially since I’ve never had to use my passport before. (Okay, in all honesty, I have been out of the country , but it was only to Niagara Falls, Canada for a weekend, and that was back when you could cross the Canadian-American border without a passport.)
There are four other IMS students that I’ll be going to Poland with, plus one teacher. I think this group will work really well together, and I’m really excited about getting to know everyone better (I wish everyone who applied would be able to go, though!)

Things I am most excited about:
1. Going to Europe for the first time! I love history, and I think it will be really neat to be able to see so many historical places.
2. The long plane ride. Yes, this sounds crazy, but I’m really looking forward to trying to fill my time in various ways (I’m thinking I’ll be stocking up on ebooks for my iPod…huzzah for Project Gutenburg!)
3. Getting to know everyone better/making up inside jokes
4. Going to the land of my ancestors! (I’m about 25% Polish, via my mother’s ancestry)
5. Eating authentic Polish food
6. Being an “actual” exchange student and having the priviledge of really experiencing the culture (as opposed to just being a tourist).
7. Hosting an exchange student. We’ve gotten to know many superbly sweet exchange students in the past few years, and I can’t wait to meet another!

Well folks, that’s all for now. I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas (Jesus is the reason for the season!), and I wish everyone the best in 2010!

(originally posted 27 December 2009)