A sister!

Another wonderful part about going to Poland is having the privilege of hosting an exchange student of our very own! Monika from Lodz, Poland will be staying with us for the majority of the month of February. I am very much looking forward to having a “sister” of my very own, even if it’s only for a little while. :)

(Originally posted 10 January 2010)

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  • Sara Robison:

    Hi Taylor!

    Rob and I are so excited for you; it will be an amazing experience as is any opportunity to visit another country. You will have the special delight of actually living there, internalizing so much, and just the joy of sharing and learning.

    Long air flights; you’re young and will enjoy. I remember flying to China…forever it seemed. But, again, those experiences help us to broaden our world. Funny things take place on a airplane; it’s almost too much to sleep, just in case you might miss something. Of course, it’s mostly boredom, but that is why you have those books, isn’t it?

    We will enjoy keeping up with you as you progress through the next few months. I am especially interested in learning about your Polish visitor’s response to the middle of Iowa in the winter; similar or quite different from her home, etc.

    Take care; hi to your folks!
    The Robs

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