I don’t want her to go…. :(

The past twenty days have gone by incredibly quickly. I apologize for not updating more! A lot of what we have done is kind of mundane, but still fun (i.e. going to basketball games, school and around Washington)…but not very interesting to read or write about. But I digress. Let me update you on the last couple of days (which have been extremely eventful!).

For about the last week, we (meaning the whole group of Polish students and their American host families) had been looking forward to Friday night, because we were all going to go up to Planet X in Cedar Rapids to play laser tag & arcade games. After school on Friday, were were all milling around the school getting ready to go. But for some reason, our parents (who had insisted that they must drive us northward) would not let us leave. Imagine our surprise when they tell us that we are not all going in separate cars, but in the hugumboginormous Expedition limousine that was sitting outside the school!! Needless to say, we were all quite psyched out of our minds. So after snapping quite a few pictures, we were off to Planet X.

At Planet X, we had a great time. I learned that I’m really bad at laser tag (my accuracy was 6%, but apparently I’m still qualified to be a Galactic Sergeant or something…oh well, at least it was really fun!) and Monika is superbly amazing at Ski-Ball!! She beat the high score on the machine with a whopping 51,000 points!!!! We also played some arcade games, rode on bumper cars & “Space Bikes”, and I think Monika tried the climbing wall. Overall, a very enjoyable time.

This, friends, is a space bike.

After Planet X we traveled down to HuHot in Iowa City for dinner. Again, we had fun and made a few memories (plus, the food was delicious). All of the Polish students and their host siblings sat at one table, while our parents sat at another. It was neat to be able to have everybody who’s going to be together in Poland this summer (plus a couple of extra people) together in one place. You got to get to know people better and see them interact. (Not that we haven’t been interacting before, but I guess these interactions were just different. I feel like this was the first time we were meshing so perfectly together.) Sitting and talking with everyone got me really really excited for this coming summer.

Tonight (Saturday night) our whole group got together in true Midwestern style for a potluck at the Kalona chamber building. There was delicious food, music from all over the world, and a game of Dutch Blitz featuring gigantic cards. The whole evening was great, but it was also kind of sad. I realized that this was most likely the last time that this exact group of people would ever be together in the same place at the same time. Yes, most of us will be together in Poland this summer (to which I am counting down the days!!), but some of the hosting students won’t be traveling overseas with us. Our whole group seems to work together really nicely and enjoy each others company, and I hate to break that up. I’m glad that almost all of us are traveling together.

Polish peeps and their host siblings...great times at the potluck

This time has flown by! Twenty days is too short! It almost seems like we’ve just gotten to know everyone so well, right before they must leave!

Tomorrow we say goodbye to Monika. We get to take her to the airport, and then I won’t get to see her for three months. We’ve become good friends in the past 20 days, and I wish we didn’t have to say “See you later” so quickly. (Because I think it should never be “goodbye”…”See you later” sounds so much nicer!!)

Please pray for safety for Monika and all of the other Polish students as they travel to Washington DC tomorrow.

Well folks, that’s all for now. The night is no longer young, and I am tired! So, I will bid you all “dobranoc” (good night) and say farewell (or “do wiedzenie”, if you prefer :) )

Much love,


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