Weekend fun

This past weekend was a fun one for all of us. Monika enjoys shopping, so given the fact that there aren’t exactly tons of stores in the Crawfordsville area, we made the trek up to some “greener pastures” in Des Moines. That’s right…we went to the Jordan Creek Town Center.

We spent most of the day on Saturday shopping. Hollister + Delia’s + American Eagle + Rue 21 + Vanity + Cheesecake Factory + many more = a very eventful day!!

Our hotel was in downtown Des Moines, so on Saturday night Monika and I laced up our skates and got the chance to go ice skating. We weren’t quite Olympic caliber, but we didn’t fall down too much. Most importantly, we had fun. :)

Monika has also been teaching me some Polish while she’s been here! Let me pass a little bit of my learning on to you…

Polish word: Dobrze

My poor attempt at a pronunciation: “dohb-zheh”

Translation: good

Polish word: Proszę

My poor attempt at a pronunciation: “pro-sheh” (make sure you roll the ‘r’ “)

Translation: Please, or “Here you go”, depending on the context

Polish word: Dziękuję

My poor attenpt at a pronunciation: “djay-oo ku yay-oo” (although there are a few little back-of-the-throat “oOoo’s” in there that I’m not so good at saying, let alone typing)

Translation: Thank you

Enjoy, my friends! (I meant to post this much earlier this week…sorry!!)

Much love,


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