She’s here!! :D

Yes indeed, our friend Monika arrived with us on Monday evening. She, her teacher, and the four other Polish students arrived in America last weekend and spent some time in Chicago. Then, they drove down to IMS, where we (the families) got to pick them up.

This past week has gone by very quickly! Some of the highlights include: Baking snickerdoodles (you’ve gotta love those crazy names that we Americans give to our cookies ;) ), shopping at Coral Ridge Mall in Iowa City, attending an IMS girls basketball game (and yes, all of the Polish students got to experience a real IMS roller coaster!), and a snow day on Tuesday.

It’s really neat having a sister. :) Monika and I are actually fairly similar…we are both only children, we both play the piano (she’s very good!!), we both enjoy sweets quite a bit, and we both like to travel.



 Monika has also taught us all some things about Poland. Here’s just a sample of what we’ve learned:

1. Łódź (Monika’s hometown) is not actually pronounced “loads”, as it looks to us Americans who don’t have as many letters in our alphabet. It is actually pronounced more like “woodge” (although that’s not quite right either….I find it helpful to think of the words “wood shutters” and then just remove the “-utters” part. So it’s more like “wood-sh”. Kinda.)

2. Shoes are cheaper in America than they are in Poland.

3. Polish students (and teachers) have a two-week long winter break in the month of February. (This is nice for the students that came here as they won’t have as much homework to make up when they get back).

4. The polka is not actually a Polish dance, but Czech.

 Well folks, that’s about it. I hope you all have a lovely Valentine’s Day and a fantastic week! I’ll try to update often…things are super busy around the Fulton house at the moment, so I apologize if that doesn’t happen! (and I will try to post some more pictures soon as well!!)


ps – Yes, I wrote this yesterday ;)

Tony, the Polish students (minus Misia) and their teacher.

Our principal, the Polish students (minus Misia) and their teacher.

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  • Aunt Jeanie:

    Hello Taylor & Monika !! Happy Belated Valentines Day :)
    Congratulations Taylor on your performances as I hear they were fabuloso !
    Great review in the Hawkeye and loved the prelimary pics! Can’t wait to see more! I sure wish I were there in all the “buzz”! I hope that Monika is enjoying Iowa as much as I do! Enjoy, Have Fun, Smile, Dance, Laugh!!
    Love you!!

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