Just another average, ordinary Polish adventure

We had a lovely time today, traipsing around the city of Łodz.

We chilled with the Pope for a while.

Okay, it was just a statue, and the “chilling” was more of just snapping a picture as we walked by…but it was still cool. John Paul II (or, in Polish, Jan Pawel II) was a priest in Krakow before becoming pope. His statue (which you see above) is located in front of one of the largest churches in Lodz.

The church was so large that I couldn’t fit the entire thing in one photo!

After giving the Pope our regards, we were off to to the Biała Fabryka, or white factory. Once upon a time, Łodz was a very industrial city and an integral part of the European cotton industry. The museum/factory that we visited today featured examples of all kinds of machines which made thread, as well as weaving machines. The most interesting part about this exhibition was that the machines were quite varied in age – everything from a 19th century drop spindle to a 1900′s wooden loom to an immense 1975 (bright green) weaving machine of some sort.

This was just one part of the factory/museum. The next part that we visited featured all kinds of textile art, which was quite interesting to see. I would venture to make the generality that most of the pieces of art were tapestries, but there were a variety of art forms presented. For example, one of the pieces was about 10 ft in diameter, suspended half a meter above the floor and resembled a UFO. Another was made entirely of zipties, and looked almost like a garden of sea urchins. Yet another was a dress that was woven entirely of paper. All in all, the exhibition was quite impressive.

After leaving the Biała Fabryka, we traveled to the cinema and saw the movie entitled “Green Zone”, starring Matt Damon. Sonija (our coordinator, who, by the way, is extremely kind, gracious, young, helpful and all-around fantastic) didn’t know what movies our group enjoyed seeing, so she chose this one. While the film probably isn’t what I would have chosen, it was by no means awful, and it was nice to not have to be running around anywhere.

This evening, Moinka and I had the privilege of attending a most exclusive Polish performance…

Monika’s mom (my wonderful host mom), Ania, teaches the Polish equivalent of Kindergarten, and tonight they had sort of an “end of the year” performance. All 18 or so students played a part. The students were so smart! Each one stood up and said a fairly substantial line or two and the entire group sang a couple of songs. The theme of the evening was Ecology, which is what the class has been studying as of late. (For this reason, one girl was dressed as a tree, another as water, etc.) The entire production was in Polish, but I was able to decipher  some cognates in one of the songs they were singing. The chorus of the song was something like “Moya planeta, SOS”. The entire production was very cute, and I’m glad we were able to attend.

Well, that’s about it for tonight, my chickadees. I have some exciting new posts in the works, but that’s all I’ll reveal for now, lest the surprise be ruined :) All you need to know is – you should be excited.



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