Just some photos

Yesterday, we went to what was called Piknik, near the Herbst palace here in Lodz.

(note: all photos in today’s post are courtesy of Monika Dlugoszewska)

It was more of a craft fair, with lots of people selling handmade jewelry and clothing, but there were also activities for children, like drawing and painting.

Monika and I bought a few things, but mostly just walked around and enjoyed the day.

Afterwards, Monika and I went to a park nearby and took lots of pictures. She has an amazing camera, and quite the eye for photography. The girl’s got talent. :)

Isn’t the lighting in that photo fantastic?? Monika is great at finding spots for good photos. (Sorry…the photography nerd in me is coming out.) The grand total of photos taken yesterday was as follows: Taylor – 41  Monika – 441. It was fun.

After photog-ing in the park, we headed over to Monika’s grandmother’s house for lunch. It was great to be able to meet more of this lovely family :)

From left: Monika, me, Moinka's wonderful grandmother

By far the most energetic member of the family that I had the privilege of meeting was Martzelina, Monika’s three-year-old cousin. Boy, she’s a cutie. We got to know each other by running around the back yard, playing hide-and-go-seek, and kuku (which is Polish for peek-a-boo). It was a splendid time.

Oh. We did a tad bit of jumping around, too.

All in all, the day was great. :)



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  • Aunt Jeanie:

    Put that little munchkin in your pocket and bring her home! She IS a cutie! And Monika’s grandmother is absolutely beautiful! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Love you!

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