We’re here!

After three flights and a two-hour bus ride from Warsaw, we arrived at our school and were reunited with our Polish “siblings”. But I’m getting a little ahead of myself, aren’t I? Let me just show you a little bit of the past two days.

At the Cedar Rapids airport

Flying over England! (I apologize for the blurriness)

Fredric Chopin airport!

Our Polish families greeting us for the first time

Today we got to attend school at IV Lodz (where our “siblings” attend). I went to Physics and Biology. Because they teach some classes using the International Baccalaureate program, the classes we attended were in English. :)

All of the architecture here is gorgeous!! Here are just a few pictures of/from inside the school.

I hope you all are well! I’ll try to update again soon!

Love &blessings,


5 Responses to “We’re here!”

  • Mom:

    Thanks Tay! I love the updates! Can’t wait to hear more about your adventure!
    Love ya! Mom

  • Sarah Wilbanks:

    C’mon, you don’t even look tired! Looks AMAZING Tay – prayin 4 u.

  • Aunt Jeanie:

    Love the Blog!! Keep smilin’ and clickin’ !! God Bless You Tay! Love ya!

  • Linda Drish:

    What a great experience. I will keep checking back for updates! Be safe our dear Taylor.

  • Aunt Jackie:

    Keep posting those pix and stories. Love it!
    Love, Aunt Jackie

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